His way of approaching the future is one that will change the way you look at things

Shaquille O’Neal is loved by many and famous for many things. He first became famous when he had quite a successful career in the NBA. He did, however, do way more than that. In contrast to many NBA players, O’Neal started towards the end of his career, saving up a…

This is a story about one of the best investors out there: Charlie Munger.

Markets are better than ever. Stocks skyrocket and reach new highs all the time. At the same time, house prices rise and even cryptocurrencies are booming. It almost seems as if everyone, no matter what they are buying, makes money. What’s more, the speed at which gains are realized is…

The truth of diversification when it comes to investing

Diversification is one of the most popular words when it comes to investing jargon. If you’re just starting out many people will tell you: “Always diversify”, “Makes sure you have multiple bets” and “If one bet fails, another one will do great, so diversify!”. Diversification is there to bring the…

Thijs Nijenhuis

Investing. Entrepreneurship. Daily.

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