50 articles, 100 followers and $1000 in revenue before the end of the year. This is why you should join.

There are 50 days left in 2021. Medium announced that from 2022 onwards you need 100 followers to monetize your content on this platform. I do not have these followers. I love challenges. So I thought, let’s make a challenge. Now a lot of people try to get 100 followers…

I wrote this article in 20 minutes using my phone

Writing can be very tough and difficult and usually, it takes a lot of time. Today I didn’t have much time left and I knew I needed to write. So I decided to try something new. I used Google Docs to write my article. This article that you are reading…

Learning how to invest in high-valuation environments

Source: Reuters

John C. Bogle was an American investor and founder of The Vanguard Group. He is often credited with creating the first index fund. On top of that, Bogle was an investor preaching investment over speculation and long-term patience over short-term action. Just before the crash in the early 2000s, Bogle…

In the past years, it has become incredibly easy to participate in financial markets at a very low cost. Everyone can install an app on their mobile phone and buy financial assets in seconds. This includes cryptocurrencies, CFD’s in commodities, bonds and of course, stocks. The costs are so low that it almost feels like a regular game app that one installs on their phone. This together with the longest bull run in history has made buying financial assets extremely interesting and appealing. This creates so-called ‘ignorant money’. So what is ignorant money? What are the consequences and how can we deal with the consequences? This article will discuss just that.

The frenzy around the stock ‘GameStop’ in early 2021 shows that there a lot of smaller players in the field with a lot of power. Retail investors crushed hedge funds using short squeezing. It goes to show the enormous levels of retail money in the markets. Not all, but most…

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